Thaler 1770 German states




Thaler 1770 German states  Thaler 1770 German states

lot – 60 /48 – 20.06.22


Issuer Electorate of Bavaria (German states)
Prince elector Maximilian III Joseph (1745-1777)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 1760-1777
Value 1 Konventionstaler (1.5)
Currency Thaler (1753-1805)
Composition Silver (.833)
Weight 28.06 g
Diameter 40 mm
Thickness 3 mm
Shape Round
Orientation Medal alignment ↑↑
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 14906
References KM# 519, Dav ECT# 1953, Dav ECT# 1954, Schön DM# 99

Lettering: +*+ IN +*+ DEO +*+ CONSILIUM +*+

Thaler 1770 German states Moneda de argint
Thaler 1770 German states Moneda de argint
Thaler 1770 German states Moneda de argint
Thaler 1770 German states Moneda de argint


Born in Munich, Maximilian was the eldest son of Holy Roman Emperor Charles VII and his wife, Maria Amalia of Austria, daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Joseph I. Upon his father’s death in January 1745, he inherited a country in the process of being invaded by Austrian armies (see War of the Austrian Succession). The 18-year-old Maximilian Joseph wavered between the Peace-party, led by his mother Maria Amalia and Army Commander Friedrich Heinrich von Seckendorff and the War-party, led by Foreign Minister General Ignaz Count of Törring and the French envoy Chavigny. After the decisive defeat in the Battle of Pfaffenhofen on 15 April Maximilian Joseph quickly abandoned his father’s imperial pretenses and made peace with Maria Theresa in the Treaty of Füssen, in which he agreed to support her husband, Grand Duke Francis Stephen of Tuscany, in the upcoming imperial election.

In 1747, Maximilian married his first cousin, Maria Anna Sophia of Saxony, but the marriage remained childless. During the Seven Years’ War Bavarian forces then fought on the Habsburg side. Maximilian Joseph’s sister Maria Josepha of Bavaria was married in 1765 to Maria Theresa’s son Emperor Joseph II. But long-term weakening of Prussia was not in the Bavarian interest, as that country offered the only counterweight to the Habsburg monarchy. Maximilian Joseph tried, as far as possible, to keep Bavaria out of the wars. Apart from militia troops, he sent only a small force of 4,000 men to join the Austrian army. In 1758/1759 (only a year and half into the war), he withdrew Bavarian auxiliary troops from Austrian service. Together with the Wittelsbach Elector Charles Theodore of the Palatinate he enforced the neutrality of the Empire during the conflict.



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